Monday, June 11, 2012

Diamond in the rough!

      I`m surrounded with a lot of interesting things lately...and I love it! Overwhelming I may say but somehow scary too♥  
        Life is truly an unending rediscovering of passions and dreams.  There may be short and long pauses for a while but not to discourage the romanticist   I would say. These are the best  time  to relax and feel the wind blowing in your face while hearing it whisper; you`ll soon land among the stars! :) Grab this opportunity to pray, reflect, be with your family and friends or even plan for the coming rush hour for you`ll never know it will the busiest any time soon  :(
          Each of us is rare and Yes! we all have the potential to be the best of what we are so passionate about. We often take for granted the way we talk, the way we sing, the way we dance, even the way we think not knowing these gifts are means to reach our dreams.  
            Have you rediscovered your buried interests? Go ahead, excavate and polish it  for you may need it any minute;) ♥ I`m soo excited in refining mine...hope you too friend:) I believe in you!