Monday, April 30, 2012

Sexy scent C#5

   Just got well from a flu and so grateful I`m somehow ok :) After smelling those ointments and medicines, I need to smell something this!
  How about you? What is your favorite perfume? 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

What Shoes to Wear?

 OMG I miss blogging!!! My head can no longer contain all the thoughts that piled up for so scares me! :/ So I started sketching again and at last, I`m here in front of the laptop and pouring out all the stuff I`m sooo eager to tell you about! :)

  I`ve been through a lot lately...thinking about something, anything and everything I can imagine I guess we all have been through these tough times in our lives when we wanted to fill totally different  kinds of shoes,  all at the same time. Whew! %( That`s really stressful, what do you think?

  Today, you can start by knowing who you really are. You are unique! You will never be like anybody else. You can never follow the exact road somebody else have passed anywhere in the world. Their itinerary is different from yours even if you have the same likes and dislikes. You should make your own and the best part is you are Free to do that! It just takes a lot of courage to choose the uncommon and face the heartbreaks that may come every now and then...until you find your castle where you can live happily ever after! 

  I will wear my ballet flats for today since I have so many things to do. How about you? Choose what`s right and comfy for the moment!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

my l♥ve for finer things

          I think I would rather  display this pretty thing    
      than use it as the bowl of my soup! What do you think? :)