Monday, December 5, 2011

Be the source of HOPE :)

Seat of Knowledge

Man`s bestfriend

Outshine others!

Enjoy the Moment!

Even Walking Alone

Is this too much?

    I  love pancakes!  Would even imagine sprinkling it with sugar, overloading it with maple syrup and topping it with whipped cream :9 How tempting is that?
  This is what I crave for breakfast before going to work! Look how the tasteful bananas and strawberries were shaped...LUSTFUL ♥  
  Trust yourself that you can close that deal, finish that work or solve that problem with your God :)Happy rainy morning everyone! 
  What did you prepare for breakfast?

       It`s not what you go through that defines you; you can`t help that.
     It`s what you do After you`ve gone through it that really tests who you are.
                                                                Kyame Floyd