I`m a Fashion Designer by profession with a background in architecture. I love to illustrate whatever interests me...I love the accuracy of architecture, the technical aspect of fashion  as well as the free form style of painting ( even the simplest pebble to the most intricate structure can give a spark). I just can`t refrain holding that pencil and brushes  for sketching never failed to comfort me! Would you believe I`ve even dreamt of being a ballerina and a theatre actress? :)
    I was  a THOS Awardee, Chief Girl Scout Medalist, Gerry Roxas Awardee, YLEA Recipient... the reasons I`m expected to be on the other side of the lane. But it`s the ARTS that captured most of my heart.

   This is a diary of my thoughts. Most of the time, I`ll be expressing myself through sketches and photographs. It is my hope that while I`m doing what I`m passionate about, may you will also be inspired of finding a place where you truly belong. Once you discover it, bask in the happiness and contentment it will bring 
    Glad to know you...Goodluck to us!


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