Friday, November 25, 2011

Alone with one`s self!

Ask for direction :)

Love Nature♥

Nest of Luxury

Unending Beauty

This is architecture!

Comforting Style

     Just how many people have the confidence to pull these off together?  I admire persons who experiment with fashion with a little more taste
     Have a fun Friday everyone ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Got a prior commitment

            Not all my days are good! There are moments I hardly can look life in the eye for I know tears are gonna fall :(  Sometimes, I even  have the feeling it squeezes me more when I`m in my weakest. 
      Everytime this happens,  I remind myself...all of these are temporary.  Though  what I feel is real, Life is more than what my mind and heart can get hold of.  So I arrived in a conclusion that I need to love and be there for myself. I need ME...
    When fear and disappointments are knocking on my door, I just tell them: Sorry, I`m not available...just made a prior commitment for the day ! :P

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let us be friends♥

Trials erode strength :(

Find Hope

truly a RESTROOM :)

   It`s the middle of the week and we are half way full.  This is a good way to revitalize!  Just get any kind of support (maybe a strip of wood) on which you can put your candles ( to give it a soothing ambiance)or  books and coffee( my favorite :P)....Enjoy♥

Monday, November 21, 2011

Bella Rocks·♥

     Kristen Stewart is the star of the Phenomenal Twilight Saga.  
I lve her laid back style with a hint of rock n` roll edginess.
     We both love comfortable fashion:)
     Haven`t watched the Breaking Dawn yet...Guess I have to check my sched!

Tale of two friends

    Friendships are made anytime, anywhere...even with differences :)
   Gener is my friend for 11 years!  We met in the worldwide web and    became my brother ever since :) He even made my first email add 
( funny how ignorant I was in computers then)LOL :)) We don`t talk that often but we always enjoy discussing any topic under the sun...  
 When a person shares good things, God Himself returns the favor...Exactly why he met the love of his life, the supportive and lovely Marinyl :)
  Thank you Gen...time to reap the rich harvest that you have sown. 

          It`s the friends you can call up at 4am that matter.
                                                  Marlene Dietrich

Walk with me

Colorful Homes

Strength of wood

Cloud nine


Leaves cry!

Capturing Nature`s Beauty

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Terski fights like Pacquiao

   Yahooooo!!!Pacquiao won over Marquez today! I made this for my cousin who is a fighter too.
  My Manong Terence ( a title used to respect  male who is older than you) never quits!  I`ve grown up seeing him defeat failures and excel in his field:)  
  He`s a fan of Dan Hardy of UFC...not knowing he too is somebody to be looked up to! He`s definitely a good father, brother and deserves all his successes...

  Lucky for the 3 cute babies; Mimi,Zakee, and Dastan to have Nong Teroy and Nang May Ann as their parents!  Of course, these angels are the best gifts any parent could have too 0:)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sad to see you go :(

      There must be something in your life that you draw inspiration from... What will you do if you wake up one morning  and that source of excitement is gone? Worst thing is you don`t know if it`s coming back again :-o
   That`s exactly   what happened to me today! I hurriedly opened my favorite site and was so surprised that once colorful pictures were replaced   by  a farewell  letter. Artessen  will  surely be missed.  It made my  life  easier by  bringing beautiful artworks all together...It will always be one of my favorite blogs.  Never will I recover from this heartbreak.   

Smiley face crying


     We definitely finish each others sentences...Without planning, we buy tops, shoes, and bags with same brand and design! We even end up using similar lipstick (brand and color) even if we are miles apart.  Imagine that!
   Zy and me started to be close friends since our prep years...Yes, we watched each other as our milk teeth were replaced with these permanent ones :P Miss you bes! You took time to buy me a concert ticket when we were in La Salle, fetched me  when I was alone  after your evening classes...You have done a lot of good things for me and I want you to know that  you are sooo appreciated! God must love me so dearly blessing me a bestfriend like you. Hope we can finish  our song , to the tune only both of us know  

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

  Saw these fab pumpkins in the web which can be a great home decor all year round :) Happy Halloween everyone!