Thursday, November 24, 2011

Got a prior commitment

            Not all my days are good! There are moments I hardly can look life in the eye for I know tears are gonna fall :(  Sometimes, I even  have the feeling it squeezes me more when I`m in my weakest. 
      Everytime this happens,  I remind myself...all of these are temporary.  Though  what I feel is real, Life is more than what my mind and heart can get hold of.  So I arrived in a conclusion that I need to love and be there for myself. I need ME...
    When fear and disappointments are knocking on my door, I just tell them: Sorry, I`m not available...just made a prior commitment for the day ! :P


  1. I super like this one! Everything about the sketch is just so perfect... I can't explain in details...

  2. thank you so much:) hope we could be friends here so that i can update you ♥