Sunday, May 27, 2012

Unexpected gifts

     There are moments in your life that good things arrive when you least expect it 
      Truly life is full of surprises. We just  have to be ready when the box of goodies will arrive anytime for it may be in a middle of a good movie, while finishing a very interesting book or on a day you scheduled just to take a rest... It will be delivered and you will have to choose between the one you have right now or the package at the door ! Once you thought everything`s wonderful but  suddenly the gift you received suggested you need it! How puzzling is that eh? 
      For me, I`ve decided to accept it in my home and enjoy every fun and happiness it brings while hoping for the best:)
    That`s my prayer for you friend...that you`ll find the letter you`re waiting in the mailbox today, be accepted for the job you`re dying to have...or simply be given to opportunity to be yourself! Start wishing :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gyoda is truly splendid!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Moms` Day!♥

    I`ve grown up not so loving carry all-bags!  My mama always carried this huge (as if she`ll be having those weekend trips) satchel and she will dig down deep with her left hand every time she wanted to take out the keys, coins, or even just her handkerchief while holding me in her right :) As always, I`ll be impatiently waiting when can we open the door or how many minutes should the driver wait to be paid and for us to get down that cab! 
      But now that I`m a mom myself, I appreciated the space the used  -to-be not so cool bags has given me...It made my being a parent easier! I could bring anything my baby needs.  But that`s not what moved me then.  When I became a mother, the first time I started to search something inside my bag with my left hand, I this is how it feels...this is what my mama felt...she`d rather patiently find her things with a single hand than letting go of my me. The simple gesture was the assurance that whatever it takes, mama will hold what I`m doing with the angel in my right hand! 
     What are you willing to do for your mom? This is the day!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

In Menswear :P

      How cool is this? This gives me the idea of buying boxer shorts or  better, the boxing shorts! :) Then, alter the waistline I guess...can you imagine yourself with this too? C`mon, you and your man could shop together in the men`s section!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

MSM is 1♥

      A year ago, exactly this hour and minute, I decided to be kind to myself and  took the Plunge!!!♥ As I read in a book once, those coping strategies that we hold on through the years gave us temporarily  relief but eventually will lead us to regret...That`s because we never took the leap of faith to pursue who we really are :) This is the best decision I have ever made...I reconnected to my authentic self and and let the power of fate work magic into my life. I`ve been through tough times too but only because of those moments I realized my strength!  
   I don`t know if there will be stars tonight but I would love to stargaze! I did that often when I was young. That was the only time for reflect, to imagine or simply talk to my Friend up above  and wish some more ;P
  I wish to put more hert and time to MSM to give you more reasons to unearthen your buried dreams and  be true to your gifts. I wish that life will be good to you but more than that, I wish that you will have the patience and perseverance whenever it`s not that kind :) I promise we`re gonna be together with this, how about you?  Let`s  share Ice Cream to that!!!


            No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.
          No surprise for the writer, no surprise for the reader.
                                                 ~Robert Frost

No excuses ;P

Welcome retreat!