Wednesday, November 23, 2011

truly a RESTROOM :)

   It`s the middle of the week and we are half way full.  This is a good way to revitalize!  Just get any kind of support (maybe a strip of wood) on which you can put your candles ( to give it a soothing ambiance)or  books and coffee( my favorite :P)....Enjoy♥


  1. your also a fan of Anna Wintour?

  2. hi:) i am...she may be called as the Ice Queen, but I admire how decisive she is. Some people just magnify her weaknesses..are you too?:)

  3. since I saw fictional film of vogue the September issue, I started to like her its like watching devil wears Prada..
    I don't care what other people say about her.
    I hope she stay's longer in Vogue.

  4. Saw that one too! :) she deserves where she is right now...I`m truly a fan♥ gonna sketch more of her soon :) pls. keep following friend...i`m soo thankful.