Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Courage to Create

            Deciding on which path to take is easy when a friend is there to support you. Sometimes, it is much easier when you walk on the same road :)
      Met a friend I`ll be thankful for the rest of my life.  He is an artist, educator and my mentor :) He never fails to inspire me to make calculated risks, accept change even when it`s uncomfortable... and forgive myself after a wrong decision.  
      Sometimes I think I`m not enough for my dreams but he gets out of his way to tell me that I am... 
      Thank you Sir Vic for being a brother, a friend, and a mentor...
Your boldness in following your dreams gave me courage to follow mine.


  1. Life with good friends around is a never-ending treat of cheers ,indeed!
    Im looking forward to the looking-backs, to enduring organic moments with so much presence of mind and letting loose on things to be comfortable because we open the uncertainties of the blooms..
    Thanks for this treat.

  2. You are a gift to every friend you have sir!♥you`re welcome...cheers!