Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time is so short :(

       Last night,  I had a great time with a friend. It was the best moment of my week :) The dinner was delicious and we never forgot to drink coffee and eat the dessert! 
    Neph was my elementary classmate and a long time friend...We`ve grown ( I didn`t in terms of height!LOL)a lot. We do think the same and we love who we became  It may not so often we unwind together but his presence made me thankful how blessed I am surrounded with these beautiful people...Short moment but enough to last a lifetime...I`m currently writing this while eating my favorite napoleones (a delicacy from my hometown Bacolod ) which Neph gave me as a pasalubong  ( wikipedia defined as a gift for somebody brought by a traveler visiting a place or returning from a trip) .  Just can`t get enough ;9
Thank you and can`t wait for the next coffee time Neph!

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