Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mr. Steve, good JOBs!

    How could somebody tell what you feel exactly how you feel it? There  must be sooo many people going through something like us. But the point is why did we not end up all alike? Because others didn`t listen to their hearts...I want me to be on the other team, those who are courageous enough to follow their dreams.

    The death of Steve Jobs made me glad I listened to my heart, the small voice who knows me more than anybody else in this world. It totally turned my life around! I`ve grown up to deal with all the expectations my surrounding people have given me. I have to be like this, like that...a stressful life I don`t have a choice but to accept.  Yet, all those things I pursued, excelled, and became don`t define my whole being. I am more, no less.

   In everything I`ve been through, I longed for something magical which I know I cannot discover overnight. I wanted something which can make me endure hardships even alone with my God...and I found it in my first lve...the Arts.

  Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn`t matter to me...
  Going to bed at night saying we`ve done something wonderful...
that`s what matters to me.

Wikiquote, as quoted in the Wall Street Journal ( summer 1993)
                                                                -Steve Jobs

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