Wednesday, May 4, 2011

à la voile! (Let`s sail!)

    Just watched The Life of  Charlie St. Cloud and the Message in the Bottle again.  Everything`s about the water. I`m into deciding  whether to stay safe in the shore or taking my boat in the calm but unpredictable waters. I`m taking the hints... Is this the time?  :/ 
       There`ll maybe storm in the lands but I have a roof to protect me...I can stay in my room while the world pours all its` tons of tears on all of us.  My scented candle is enough to light a cold and dark room, no wind to put it out and my blanket is surely be there to warm the long lonely night. But it will be  just another ordinary mind-numbing day...
       Now, the very moment I think about the unknown deep waters, I feel afraid. (°ロ°)Yet I know that  its` roar that sickens me  is enough to cast away the bad memories that I have. I have the idea that it will make me a skillful sailor but will all those things worthy enough that  I have to risk even my own  life? The boat is never that reliable, it does not have a stable foundation...even the sail and anchor is dependent on the storm.  I can never  live with that! My formula, experiences, and lessons  are somehow unequal to the needs of the moment. It`s either I live with it or leave it !
     It`s true that I`m scared to lose. I`m apprehensive to go back home (if I still have the chance and that`s another question!) and  simply say I`m not made for the rough seas.   I don`t know if I could put up with the strong rain in the middle of the turbulent waves.   I never wanted a roller-coaster  kind of life.  I lve  to plan... I always  hunger for motivation and definitely need to  implement. That`s me and I want to believe I`m made for that. So it goes like this; I have this plans...sure!  I have read books on implementation...But now what? I get motivations now and then from various  people who have their own stories to tell. The truth is it`s different when you get the motivation from yourself!!! 
     It`s not wrong to protect the life we are given but it`s not right to deprive that life from its full potential. If it means taking risks  just to grow,  I guess it`s enough reason. 
     You are your source of fire...dreams are burning inside you. So start that voyage and make that  warmth enough to last the cold  night  amidst  the angry tides. You need to bring wood to keep that spark alive. If you realize that the timber is wet and  may even need to tear a part of your sail to wipe it, go ahead! No need to worry for everything has a purpose.  The sail will never be that helpful in the unbearable weather anyway! The gust of wind on the sail can cause the boat to change course. What is most important is to keep that DREAM ablaze. It  will drive you to  conquer the worst situation Live...and most of all to reach that destination!
Let`s pack our bags and Sail! ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ


He is the best sailor  who can steer within the fewest points of the wind, and  exact a motive power  out  of  the greatest obstacles. 

                                                         - Henry David Thoreau


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