Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Moment of Epiphany!

   I`m honoring my hunches of writing a blog! I am accepting who I am...a writer in my own right :) My words were kept inside my head, in my dusty diary or when brave enough sometimes, in the letters I send to those special to me. Having this special nook for myself now, my wish is to be one with my authentic self :) A place where I can truly be me...
   World can be mean most of the time. We are being judged of what they expect us to be. In this part of my world, I will be flying my kite freely...no one will tell me when to let go or to hold on. I`ll be in charge of my own story with my God. 
   As I take this first step of my journey, I hope I can take you along as I discover the world through my senses. I maybe using imperfect words but I believe that the heart has a language the head can`t decode.
  I`m excited to travel on this winding or sometimes under construction road of life (preferred the less traveled ones). It`s the first time I don`t have a map and tell you, this time, I`m not scared!!! ;P

        "You begin by always expecting good things to happen."
                                                          ~ Tom Hopkins

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